How to translate a text in an optimal Manner

Our standard translation process consists of three steps: translation, editing and revision. Each step is performed by a specific language certification team. When the correction phase is complete, translated texts must pass a final test of quality evaluation before being issued to the customer.

In other words, three progressive controls guarantee to every translation the highest possible quality.

Translation process management

Our strategy for large translations is based on a task management that facilitates communication and collaboration among the translation team, to ensure that the final product is consistent and superior quality.

Each project is assigned to a senior manager who oversees the points of the translation process listed below.

Terminology management

A comprehensive glossary of terms that are specific to the project is realized in cooperation with the customer. This process is managed by a manager which manages terminology and content, whose function is to receive, interpret, transform and achieve dynamic terms a glossary supplied by our team of linguists. All this ensures consistency of the project and it is essential to maintain a high level of quality even in larger works.

Quality assurance and translation process control

Our procedures and our assessment tools are experiencing the quality of all documents, which allows us to provide fast and precise translations. Each document is examined by a translator, an editor and a content manager. In addition, these people have access to consultation with all our internal resources.

Selection of the team of translators

The team of linguists assigned are chosen on the basis of experience and specialization. All our translators are native speakers of the target language. For highly technical content, we rely on experts in the field in order to ensure the correct use of terminology in the field. We work closely with representatives of the purchaser to ensure that translation procedures taking into account the customer’s preferences.

Computer flow management

If it flows, it will be assigned a technical manager of flow, which passes the job to a design team that will return all the Chinese documents translated into the required format.

Translation tools

We do not rely on any translations to the computer, but we only use human translators. Memory tools, when used, serve only to facilitate the handling of words and phrases translated from the people. If the deadlines are very close, in fact, we use to save time on large translations.

We prefer not to organize around a translation process that involves copying and moving sentences and/or paragraphs from one document to another, randomly. Our linguists can devote hours to evaluating a single translated text. We consider very seriously the language activities and does not reduce our quality to save on time.…