It is important to put in the hands of professionals when it comes to the health and well-being of our dog.

We take into account that not all have the same needs for food or sport, with our pet happens exactly same. We believe that only go to the clinic and buy a good I think we have everything resolved, it is clear that it is the first step when it comes to taking care of their food, but it is also important to inform us about the nutritional content of the feed are going to buy.

A online dog trainer that makes exercise usually will have more than a sedentary dog protein needs. We should also worry about the amount of food that is consumed at each feeding and how much time passes between them.

A dog that has a strong calorie and protein intake which do not exercise, will not only ease to fatten, but will try to burn that extra contribution of energy at home and will look like a hyperactive dog.

If we have time and we like to Cook, we can provide you our dog, the necessary amount of nutrients, starting to prepare feed BARF or created, the acronym in English are Bones and Raw Food (bones and raw food) or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (biologically appropriate raw food). It is a raw foods diet that eliminates feed. If we decided on this type of food, we must know well what kind of food are suitable and in which quantities.

It will pass us to see how our dog athlete is exhausted by this lack of energy intake. We have to get used to make three trips daily, although costs all take time to do this, in the long run our dog and we appreciate it.

That we like sport we occur to various forms of exercise with our partner, give us make canicross, take him when we went out to ride a bike (of course, previous learning), etc. If we do not like exercise or not we can do it, we can get our friend to play with the ball or pick up the frisbee, taking into account not sobreestimularle. It is one of the best exercises you can do, first because it is done with us and thus narrow the bonds of friendship helping to create a strong bond. Secondly because it helps us to practice necessary obedience exercises for coexistence as: call before you call, give us objects, release the order, etc. And third because in this way we do not move and it performs all the exercise you need (safe is one of the few ways to be able to tire him rather than us). However, it is very important to get the excitement that produces, because this activity can return against us if it is the only exercise that we do and just throwing the ball 50 times our dog, in some places regular is this by coining the term “Junkie Ball” defining obsession that can get them to produce. To regulate this excitement, we recommend practicing olfactory stimulation that helps us keep a good balance between physical and mental activity.

First of all, there are some precautions, we must adapt the exercise our dog for example avoiding the hours of more heat in the summer and taking him to the vet to rule out any physical problems. In addition, the exercise of throwing an object and to collect it, if it has not been taught properly and not returned it, but it takes him and nibbles or does not respond to the call when you have it in your mouth, it can be bad for our relationship, since it would produce the opposite to the desired effect.

We must also do the exercises progressively, we must not put a dog to run long if it has led a sedentary life, we can’t change habits suddenly. We have devoted special attention to food and exercise, but it should not be forgotten that not only should we take our dog to the vet by urgency, must follow its indications with vaccines both in body hygiene: teeth, ears, nails, in internal and external deworming, etc.

Feeding and care of dogs