Junk food consumption

Junks foods contain more calories and less nutrition. If a person consumes junk foods on regular bases he or she must have to struggle with health issues and weight problems. Junk food contains large amount of sugars and salts .They have negative effects on human health. These can be short as well as long term effects. Continuous intake of fast food can lead to poor nutrition, poor health and weight gain.

Lack of vital nutrients, oxygen and proteins can affect the brain cells. Junk foods do not provide us with the nutrients that are essential for the body. As a result the person feel fatigued and weakness. This is one of the short term effects which are the result of junk food intake.

Junk foods that are rich in oil make the consumer feel drowsy and at the same time the person fails to concentrate. Over eating of junk foods can lead to drop of blood circulation. This is due to accumulation of fats.

Junk food intake can cause difficulty in learning and memory problems. Regular intake of junks can destroy the memory of a person. Poor diet can lead to certain chemical reactions in the brain that lead to the swelling and inflammation of sensitive areas of brain which are linked with the memory. High sugar diets can suppress the brain peptide activity which helps in memory formation and learning. Excessive calorie intake interrupts healthy growth and function of brain synapses. nowaday mostly people are used best green tea brand. it’s also risk for health.

Junk foods contain high sugar and fat contents, due to higher intake of these the level of the insulin rises in the body which restrict the functioning of brain. It stops the ability of a person to think or memorize. This increases the risk of dementia. Too much consumption of junk foods can also cause type 2 diabetes. don’t use of best green tea

Too much intake of junk foods leads to weight gain and obesity. This obesity leads to respiratory problems. People who frequently eat fast food are at a higher risk of asthma and rhinitis.

Junk foods are responsible for developing depression. People who consume more junk foods are more likely to become a victim of depression then those who do not consume much junk food. They affect the central nervous system

Junk foods that are rich on carbohydrates increase the level of sugar in blood and may cause acne. The bacteria in the mouth tend to produce acids when we eat high sugar or carbohydrate food. These acids lead to the destruction of tooth enamel and may cause dental cavities. It can be said that junk food are responsible for poor oral health

Junk foods are rich in fats cause an increase in triglycerides and cholesterols level in blood. This leads to the formation of plaque and heart disease. Junk foods are responsible for causing chronic inflammation by destroying the lining of the blood vessels. This gives way to the bad cholesterol to get stick with the lining and walls of the arteries. Due to which the flow of the blood is blocked. These blockage results in heart attacks

Junks food contains fats which accumulate in the body, this in turn cause an increase in the level of obesity. The more a person is obese the more he is at a risk of heart diseases

Junk foods can also cause kidney and liver diseases. They also increase the risk of cancer.

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Junk food consumption

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