Toronto Metal Roofing

Metal is now widely used as a cover for residential and public buildings, and for industrial facilities. Unlike many other roofing warranties, the Kassel and Irons warranty transfers to all future owners during the first 50 years after installation, is not pro-rated, Metal Roofing Toronto and provides not only replacement materials but also replacement labor should a warranted failure occur.

Metal roofing is also great in that it reflects much more sunlight than other types of roofs as radiation from the sun is deflected away from your home as oppose to being absorbed which would take up a lot more energy for your home with another type of roof.

We are the only company in Southern Ontario with a Z-Panel Roll Form Machine, designed to roll-form Standing Seam Metal Roof & Wall Panels, on sites, of a concealed fastener metal application, of continuous seamless lengths from eave to ridge and of a slope roof or wall panel.

The roof is really the fifth façade of the house, especially when you’re considering it as a pitched roof,” says Meg Graham, a principal architect at superkül, a Toronto-based architecture firm that has used metal roofs in several projects, including a cottage on Georgian Bay with a standing seam metal roof and a monochromatic grey house in Toronto’s Kensington Market, where a corrugated steel roof was used to add texture.

There are many things to consider before installing a metal roof, including installation methods, fastening systems, weight and metal composition, so it is best to consult with a knowledgeable professional to ensure you are choosing the right type of metal roof.

Toronto Metal Roofing

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